Help find the person responsible for my cousin’s death




Independent Beauty Consultant Princess Allen – Online Booking by ClickBook.Net

Independent Beauty Consultant Princess Allen – Online Booking by ClickBook.Net.

For the last week in May, I have a goal to book at least 10 travel nurses and their clients for one-on-two skin care classes in recognition of Skin Cancer Awareness Month (the month of May). The only problem: I don’t know where to find these travel nurses on such short notice.


“Even if you ha…

“Even if you have a half-baked idea, just start.”

Those words jumped from the page at me, just as my maiden name does when I read anything addressed to Mr. and Mrs. KNIGHT.  Uhhh Ooh!  I’m starting today.  What, you ask? Number one, the name change process; number two, building my independent freelance career; and number three, actively searching for that well-fitting, full-time position in research, marketing or public relations.  You can live my experience through this blog.